Date Nights

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From time to time us Dads look forward to what is known as ‘Date Nights’. These rare and often bizarre evenings come about after months, even years of being locked in our own homes. The planning is SAS like with detailed instructions being left to the poor family or friends who offer to hold the fort.

Stage 1 of ‘the date night’ is trying to get out of the house, it may seem like a simple task as you don’t have to pack the car or make sure you have your full survival kit but don’t let this fool you. Your going to be late, just accept that and you’ll have a better evening.

Stage 2 – choosing where to go (if you haven’t kind of planned in advance) the world looks different now, things have changed, people look younger, new bars have opened and nobodies told you. Basically, you’re going to have to start again socially. Chin-up and look confident.

Stage 3 – your venue, most likely a favourite restaurant you used to attend regularly before parenthood came along, but as in stage 2 the restaurant has changed again and is now an indian instead or an italian. Just go with it, chin-up and look confident.

Stage 4 – the conversation. It’s going to happen so don’t try to fight it but you’ll talk about how your little one is at home and how the babysitters are coping. Don’t worry this is normal behavior and will only last 3/4 of the evening. The rest will be about work and money, with a small section about yourselves. Again, just go with it, chin-up and look confident.

Stage 5 – ‘looking at your watch’. So you’ve been out for an hour and a half and you both think about having another drink or maybe trying one of those new young bars that have opened. Well, save yourself a walk, by the time you get there, the famous night ending line will come from one of you… “Do you think we should get back?” Date night over, chin-up and back to reality.

I’m not saying these nights aren’t fun or that you won’t have a good time but remember one vital thing, as soon as you are home the babysitters are off and you’re back on night watch. The great thing about the ‘date night’ is you’ll look forward to the next one and maybe, just maybe you’ll try that new bar.

(Thanks to for the photo and check them out for this amazing parents night out babysitting list! Awesome)

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