Ninja Training for Dads

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All dads and mums for that matter go through a series of ninja training nights at some point in their life. Normally when their little one is below the age of two these training missions occur! At cool dads club we wanted to highlight the skills needed to become a pro ninja!

Firstly you’ll learn the skill of handling a sleeping baby, the technique of placing them in their cot without waking them is extremely tricky. It can take months to master and there will be many nights where you’ll fail and your baby will wake up. Stick with it though, you’ll soon master the technique and be able to lower your baby with your eyes closed.

The next and most important skill is stealth, this is not for the faint hearted and can take over your lives! At cool dads club we are black belts in the art of stealth and can enter and exit rooms without even hearing a pin drop. You’ll never quite realise how many loose floorboards you have until you start ninja stealth training. Socks are your friend when it comes to stealth training, but be warned a snag can prove costly.

Once you’ve mastered ninja stealth training you’re nearly there, it can take months of practise and sweat and tears but never give up. One night you think you’ve passed, the next you forgot about number 4 loose floorboard and always remember never accidentally switch the light on as you leave the room. We’ve made that rookie error and it set us back weeks.

We’re with you all the way and if you ever think you’ve invented any new techniques in the art of ninja-dads then share your thoughts and maybe new dads might stand a chance. Good luck.

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