First day alone

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This is just a short story for any future dads preparing for their little one to come home. If I’m honest I can’t remember much of the first couple of weeks, your life will be upside down and you’ll use the word ‘erm’ quite a lot. Try not to worry, it’s tough but just keep smiling.

I can remember getting our little boy into my totally impractical ‘hot hatch’ and thinking nevermind little sporty car we’ve had a good run. All of a suddenly I was carrying the most precious cargo in the world and everybody needed to keep a safe distance, and just like the fella in jaws I thought “we’re going to need a bigger car” like he needed a bigger boat.

We arrived at home and looked at each other, then looked in the back seat, the nervous smiles tried to cover up our fears but we were both terrified as to what happens next. Once we got inside we sat for a while, looking at our little boy and both thinking ‘what the hell do we do now?” Don’t worry I believe this is standard.

Before we knew it two weeks had passed and and we were carrying our baby in one hand whilst eating a sandwich in the other. It’s such an instinctive thing parenthood and you just have to go with it.

A couple of weeks later I bumped into a dad across the road who had a few months on me and I’ll never forgot what he said. He said “Try not to listen to other people’s advice because it will probably never work, do what you thinks best.” Crackin advice and most of the time go with what you think is best as nobody knows your baby like you.


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