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Cool dads often get reminded from time to time that they’re really not that cool. This short story is about our one year olds third flight (surprising but the first two at 12 weeks where a walk in the park). It started out well, drive to the airport, check, boarding, no problem, flying, sort of ok, right until 20mins before landing. Being a hands on cool dad, I thought I could get a quick nappy change in and put him in his beautiful lemon all-in-one ready to see his grandparents, sadly I was mistaken.

Walking down the aisle with a proud smile, while my good looking little lad took all the compliments I waited in the queue for our turn. In we went, firstly I was unsure where to put him, then I spotted a paper thin pull-down shelf. With his head touching one end and his feet bent up the other I leaned over the toilet and got to work. The nappy came off and for a split second we made eye contact and I knew then I was in trouble. With no time to grab the new nappy he went for it and the water spout nearly touched the roof, wee everywhere! In sheer panic I grabbed the all-in-one and covered up the source. Just at that point the seatbelt lights came on and the pilot announced that we would be landing soon. Oh god…

In my panic to get back to our seats I quickly mopped up the wee with the all-in-one, put his new nappy on and buttoned up his original (slightly wet) baby-grow. I walked out of that toilet a changed man, from that day I realised that nothing will ever go to plan. With the other passengers wondering what the hell had happened in there, I held my head up high and headed back to our seats with wee on my trousers, carrying a wee smelling child and a wee smelling all-in-one. Needless to say my wife took one look at us pair and burst into laughter. We landed safely and we had a great holiday.

The moral of the story is that babies are unpredictable, and no matter how cool you think you are, they’ll bring you right back down to earth, with a bump!

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