Holidaying with a 1 year old

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Ahhhh, the summer holiday. That week or two every year you get to relax, get out those Bermuda shorts, chill out with a few beers in the sun and forget about any responsibility for a week. But wait… hold your horses, put those sensible chino shorts back on and get that best of Chris Rea CD out, you’re a dad now!

…hold your horses, put those sensible chino shorts back on and get that best of Chris Rea CD out, you’re a dad now!

Remember when they were fairly new born and they just sat there, eating sleeping and pooping? Well now they are 1 things are a lot different! Interested in everything, eating anything they can pick up, not wanting to sit still, to sleep or just take in the nice scenery. Welcome to holidaying with a 1 year old.

It’s not that bad really, that was just a dramatic intro to reel you in. In fact it’s lovely.

We recently went to Cornwall for a fantastic week in Polperro, staying in a child friendly equipped cottage by the harbour. Travel cots, stair gates and high chairs already in place – just add baby. At this age everything is exciting. Stones on the floor, attraction leaflets, seagulls and even other holiday makers to shout at. It’s so nice to see them enjoying their surroundings and letting you know about it by pointing at everything.

Our first few nights however were tough. Unfamiliar surroundings, a not so comfy travel cot and those pesky seagulls up all night. The Little guy woke up quite a lot and was difficult to settle so we were left feeling tired each day, not what you want on holiday. Good job we had brought coffee with us! By the third day we decided to pick ourselves up, deal with it and enjoy the holiday. Plenty of cakes, cream teas and the odd bottle of wine in the evening helped things run a little smoother. We went on boat trips, harbour walks, first time on the beach and in the sea, tried fresh fish and visited an aquarium. Zach loved every minute of it. To see his little face light up at everything and look at us to show his excitement was like Christmas. Brilliant.

It was all going great until Zach, in his seagull excitement, managed to whack me in the eye and scratch my eyeball. After much laughing from my wife and comments similar to “You’ve been beaten up by a baby” she realised this was a tad more serious than a right hook from a pint sized boxer. Ouch. Two pharmacy visits, a local GP visit and an hours trip to the nearest eye hospital the next day followed. But everything turned out ok. It was just another adventure for Zach. Whether they are sat in a hospital waiting room playing with grubby toys or at home hiding my car keys it’s all the same to them. Personally I get a little stressed worrying about logistics of baby outings, but I think that’s a dad thing. We are planners.

So after sleepless nights, sand eating, and eye hospital visits the holiday was finished off nicely with Zach taking his first few steps the night before going home. Wow. What a milestone! Of course, he was just as excited as us and took ages to go to sleep but that didn’t matter. A fantastic end to our little family holiday.

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    Great story buddy, love it!

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