Living with The Angry Dinosaur – Weeks 1 – 12

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Living with The Angry Dinosaur – An Expectant Dad’s Guide to Survival

Weeks 1 – 12

So there I was minding my own business on a warm June evening, DIY SOS reducing me to tears and the smell of blackened sausages fresh in the air from a typical charcoaled british barbecue, when my beloved wife announces that she is “late.” Often I am thrilled when my wife announces she is “late” as it normally means one more pint, another hour of Football or indeed a chance to listen to MY music, but on this occasion I had the feeling she wasn’t talking about an event or indeed a promised estimated time of arrival. Indeed my gut feeling was right – before I could even utter another word we were on our way to Tesco’s (other supermarket chains were available). By now all sorts of questions were running through my head; Does IT actually work? Can we afford a baby? Is it even mine?! All of these questions (well bar the last one) would hinge on my good lady urinating on a tiny stick that could, and probably has been, mistaken for a toothbrush by many a drunken, bleary eyed, bloke…………that probably won’t be me anymore!

Story by the awesome and also ‘cool dad’ guest blogger, Rob Veale.

More installments to follow…


The image used in this blog is from one of our favourite online stores ‘Notonthehighstreet’
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