First Day at School

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were chasing round a crawling child and all of a sudden he’s started school, how the hell did that happen? It’s only been about a couple of months since the first day and he’s already grown into a back chatting teenager. As Rhys is one of the youngest we were a bit worried that it might be too much and the first few mornings were hearted breaking.

It started around 6am the morning of his first day when he called me into his bedroom and said “I don’t want to go to school today, dad.” Right then I knew it maybe a tough day. Breakfast was quiet and then we got him dressed (a challenge at the best of times). We chatted all the way to school, trying to ease his nerves and ours too. We turned the corner and came across the school, I nearly turned and went home myself, there seemed to be thousands of people and little people. This was it, the first day of the rest of his childhood. It was carnage, shuffling in between parents and teachers whilst being careful not to stand on the children. The teachers were doing their best to keep order but it was never going to be a walk in the park. Once the madness had calmed down we needed to make our exit, something I’d been dreading for the past months. To be fair to him there were few tears when we finally managed to prized him from our legs and left him for his first day. We left the school half expecting him to follow us but the guards (teachers) are pretty handy when it comes to looking after our kids.

It became obvious a lot of dads weren’t fortunate enough to attend their kids first day which I think is a real shame. Saying that though I did see a handful of dads hanging round trying to hold it together.

By lunchtime it was time to pick the little fella up (half days for a week for the young ones). I rushed back from work to be there to see him come out, I was AMAZED by the skills of Rhys’ teacher, she knew every child’s name and their parents. That was the first day, well half day over. We’re now a few months in and we barely get a ‘bye’, he also referred to his new group of friends as his ‘crew’ this morning, so I’m not sure what thats all about.

Growing up seems to have taken on a new meaning and I’m not quite sure I like it. People would often say ‘enjoy these moments when they’re young, they’ll soon grow up’ and i used to think, ‘yeah right, i love 3 hours sleep and mis-aligned nappies’ but you know what, they were right. My little guy isn’t as little as he was and he’s starting to need me a tiny bit less everyday. That said I couldn’t be prouder and I hope he continues to grow into the little dude that he is.

Next stop, high school. Oh good lord!!

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