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A place for light-hearted advice and inspiration for the modern dad started by two ordinary guys who have recently become dads. We (Steve & Rob) work as graphic designers during the day and are happily involved in dad duties during the evenings and weekends (and any spare time in between). We want to share our tips, advice and light-hearted opinions on being modern day dads. We are far from experts but thought it would be cool to set up a community where dads can share their stories, problems and offer any help to dads struggling with the art of fatherhood.

Gone are the days when mums did all the hard work and dads came home, had their tea, watched bullseye and went to bed. These days dads are much more involved, sharing the duties and day to day chores are much more part of our lives

Although we love to get involved we still like to think we don’t have to invest in a pipe and slippers and watch westerns on a Sunday afternoon. We like to think we haven’t changed but instead evolved into dads and that’s why we created cool dads club.

We hope you find this website useful and want to get involved. Send us your stories, log on with facebook or twitter to contribute to the forum and don’t forget to add the hashtag #cooldadsclubuk to have your images on instagram for them to appear in our cool dads club gallery! Tell your other dad mates to get involved too!

Here’s a little information about us:

about_rob Rob Powell
Rob is the veteran dad out of the two of us with his 4 year old son Rhys now at school! Over the years Rob has learned every creaky floorboard in the house and is becoming an expert in reverse psychology in order to stop Rhys clowning around and prolonging going to sleep. A graphic designer for 11 years with a keen eye for typography and minimalist graphics. Check out his website at http://www.inspiredbystuff.co.uk

about_steve Steve Bond
Steve is well into his 2nd year in dad training with his son Zach being an eater rather than a sleeper causing many sleepless nights at first. A fan of the art of distraction and slight of hand to prevent little hands getting hold of things they shouldn’t. Like Rob, Steve has hit double figures as a designer and has an illustration website selling prints and other cool stuff. Head over to http://www.belletragedie.com to take a look.

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